New here! We have two pet 2(ish) year old pyrs - male & female. Our male definitely likes to roam & chase deer when he gets the opportunity, the girl is new to us. I'm sure she will want to run once she is feeling more secure with us. We would like to fence in part of our yard to make a play area for them. Has anyone had experience or success using metal mesh deer fencing? I've seen this marketed as dog fencing. We live in a wooded area and would like to keep our pyrs in and the deer out. If you live in an area with lots of deer, please tell us what has worked for you. I'm worried they will be highly motivated to scale lower fences, but I'm not sure this type of fencing is strong enough to contain them safely. Thanks for any advice you can offer. We are building this fence ourselves and have trees, rocks, and uneven terrain to deal with.