I know its not recommended to have a Pyr as a first dog but here we are. She was so cute that we couldn't resist and honestly didn't know anything about them earlier. Here's the current scenario:

1) I have two kids (10 year old son and 3 year old daughter) and I work from home so the puppy is never alone. Though, my husband travels so he's not around her much.

2) Got the puppy (Winter) when she was 7 weeks and 3 days.

3) We have her for the past one week.

4) She's already house broken and has the best laid back temperament which is great for my family. She doesn't like to walk on leash but we're working on it.

5) She tries to nip when super excited but stops when we say "No".

6) She's getting close to my son (10 years) who walks her couple of times a day, as its his summer vacation and he's home, and spends a lot of time playing and petting her and both the kids give her food/water and also feed her by hand while taking food out of her bowl when she's eating. I also take her for walks 4-5 times a day. After every walk she sleeps for couple of hours. I'm always around when my daughter plays with her to make sure she's safe.

7) We're socializing her with children and adults on our street and also take her to parks/trails.

8) Will start her professional training when she turns 10 weeks (petsmart or petco).

So far, things are going great but after reading many threads on this site and other articles online, I'm kind of worried as its not an easy breed and specially as a first dog with small kids at home. I also got scared when I read about the aggression and adolescence behavior from 6-18 months.

I wonder if I can get some recommendation on how to prepare my family and her for each other. Also, what else shall I do to make sure Winter accepts us as her family.

Thanks a ton!

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