We purchased our farm three years ago, and began building our Boer goat herd for breeding. We wanted the ideal guardian dog breed for our needs, and so we began searching websites and reading forums, while being scared to pieces by the horror stories we read about people trying to train great pyrenees - how stubborn they are, the barking, the pawing, the rough-housing, not listening, escaping fences and other 'bad dog' stories...

We decided to actually go see a great pyr breeder in southwest Virginia, and we were glad we did, because that is the first thing you need to do when looking for the best livestock guardian dog. A good breeder, who breeds them for the purpose they are intended, will have the puppies already interacting with a herd, usually goats or chickens. They are already learning from 'momma' dog. They will have a little room to roam and play, and follow the herd and freely inspect them, but under the watchful eye of the breeder.

Today, a year and a half after that visit, we know we have done the best thing for the dogs, our goats and our farm. We could not manage the herd without our two Great Pyrenees livestock guardians.

So with that introduction, we'd like to help here on this forum, and share our own experiences, pictures and ideas in livestock guardian training, adapting to a herd, keeping the dogs happy, and having them as a vital part of our farm operation.

Also, if you're ever passing through our area, we can set up an appointment for you to see the dogs actually working.