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    Default Great Pyrenees watched a coyote stalk my son today.

    Hello everybody. I moved out to a more rural area last year so I got a male Great Pyrenees puppy to deal with any potential wildlife threats. Well today I came out of my garage and spotted a coyote creeping up on my 3 year old son and the dog was probably a good 50’ away behind a fence watching. The coyote took off the second he saw me but the dog didn’t bark or do anything. He’s only 7 months old so maybe he’ll develop better guarding skills with age I hope ? He’s a cool dog so he’s not going anywhere but should I be thinking about getting another dog that will keep these dang coyotes away ?

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    Welcome Chapstick & are correct in assuming that your Pyr is still a young pup....and I do beleive that his guarding skills will come out as he's kinda like asking a 2 year old to watch a baby....

    our Rudy was a goofy boy until he hit around 2 years...then it became all about his "job"...and he now takes it very seriously...has even taught his Aussie younger brother to help him!

    my avatar is Rudy when he was about a year old...below he is 5

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