The last Saturday of each month we have a free community supper at our church. You can eat there or carry out and we ranged between 80 and 100 meals served each month. Jerry is doing much better following that last foot surgery, but still has to take it easy. So last Saturday I went up to the church to get carry-out for us.

I got home and there was a car in the driveway I didn't' recognize. The garage door was up and our 16 year old granddaughter came out and said "We are here and we have the dogs with us." Okay, when my son and DIL divorced 9 1/2 years ago he took custody of their daughter. She was in private school, he had greet working hors and no problem getting off when he needed to. Our DIL, on the other hand, had taken a long hour (but tremendous paying) job 100 miles from here. She agreed it was best to leave Maddie with our son. She got Maddie the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of the month and they alternated Christmas and Thanksgiving---tho she also let Maddie stay here for Christmas as she flet it would not be any fun for Maddie there, but here with her cousins, grandparents, etc, Christmas would be more fun. They did alternate Thanksgiving tho. They really worked together great.

My son's girl friend and her two sons, ages 4 and 8 moved in with my son and grandson 5 years ago. Her sons are so weird, and she is not actually friendly. Even knowing when we have been sick, etc, she never has called to check on us (they live 5 miles away), come by or anything. And I kept her boys for free when she was going to school. She has taken over our son's life (drives our granddaughter nuts). Well, she got a brother and sister littermate some kind of small dog. Didn't get them fixed and they had puppies. My son and granddaughter had brought the puppies over a couple of times and I thought that was what Maddie meant by the dogs. But I walked in and it our ex DIL with her 4 year old yellow lab Reese, and her 10 year old chihuahua Cocoa. Okay, we have remained good friends and she had moved on up the ladder and lives 200 miles away. But once a month when she comes down to get Maddie, she picks Maddie up and they spend the weekend here. This time tho she had to get back and they just stopped in to see Jerry. BEcause it was round trip, she had brought her dogs.They said that when Aimee brought her dogs in, Jewel met them in the living room with tail wagging and she and Reese actually played chaise in the house and outside. At one point I was in the kitchen and the Chi (Cocoa) was standing ner me and Princess Jewel walked up and lowered her head,, Cocoa growled and Princess Jewel just walked a few feet and laid down wither back to Cocoa.

I knew she had not really reacted to the dog in Lowes, but we never got closer than 30 feet. I knew different ones on the large golden retriever forum I belong to over the years has told that after their dog was attacked it was fearful of other dogs, or in some cases showed aggression when a strange dog approached. I had been worried that the attack on Princess Jewel might have made her fearful or aggressive, but it appears not to be so. I am so glad. She is a real sweetheart. I would say she passed her test--strange dogs in HER HOUSE and she wants to play with the lab and ignores the chihuahua when she growls.