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    Unhappy 11 week old puppy is staggering around like drunk......

    We took Taz to the vet over the weekend because he was vomiting all food he ingested, which was mostly puppy kibble. The first vomit (regurgitation) was a fist full of June bugs. I've read that isn't harmful, but following that episode he started vomiting all puppy food. He did not have an issue with this food before. Still the same bag of food. We also noticed he was having great difficulty getting up off the floor. Sunday morning I went out to the mud room and he couldn't get up at all. He front legs were splayed out and he acted like he couldn't control them. Pretty scary. Called the vet, took him him, checked him over. Not dehydrated, did an xray to check to see if there was a bowel obstruction, no. All "innards" look appropriate, and could see an area of some gas. The vet never did actually see him walk much, and we did tell her about the staggers and having issues getting up. He got a shot to help with the upset stomach and we came home with STAT for (2) days and (2) additional pills to help with his nausea. He handled the STAT fine yesterday and this morning. I went ahead and gave him the pill for nausea and later introduced his normal puppy chow. He refused. I have another dog here and tried some of his dog food, which is grain free. He was interested, but wouldn't stand to eat. When I put it on the ground in front of him he started eating. I continued to hand (on the ground) feed him until he seemed satisfied. About a 1/3 of a cup.

    This poor guy staggers from left to right and doesn't dare shake his head. He will get up (sometimes with difficulty) and walk a little straight, but no quick turns or sudden movement or he lands on his butt or side. We are taking him back to the vet in the morning. Something is bad wrong here. We discussed again this afternoon after interacting with him and are concerned there may be an inner ear issue of some sort.

    He hasn't vomited up the little bit of food he had today.

    He's had his Parvo shot, and the vet did a test for Parvo, he's clear. Just terribly concerned. Thanks, T

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    please let us know how he is doing....

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