We have a 9 yr old male anatolian. We tried to get another pup, a German shep but the pup had major issues. Our anatolian kept upping his aggression with that pup. Our trainer actually took ownership of that pup.

Fast forward 2-3 yrs. We found s great 8 wk feamle 1/2 pyrenees and 1/2 anatolian pup. So we are trying again. Its a little better but our problem is when she tries to come into the room he growls at her. He wont let her near us. When we try to step between he and the pup it seems to make it worse. Its only been 3 days but it seems its getting worse. The pup does fully submit to him. She respects his boundaries but I dont like this him not letting her come to us.
Any help woukd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!