Despite being vigilant about monthly prevention treatment,(Trifexis) my 5 year old male, named Tyga was found heartworm positive on his annual check. So shocked that this has happened, and my two labs are not testing positive. They all are together all the time, inside and outside, and never separated. Tyga shows no sign of ill health, and has started his Doxycycline, he will be due his first treatment on June 6th. I have every faith that this was caught early, but my main concern is keeping him still for the month required, a crate is not going to work, but I can contain him, in an enclosed area inside. He is a good watchdog, and as I type is barking at the back gate, which of course raises the heart rate. Tyga is my second Pyr, and cannot imagine life without one, they are the most wonderful dogs imaginably. We live in the south (new orleans) and have always been diligent.

Any suggestions anyone?