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    Exclamation Coat issues...need advice

    My husband and I recently separated. I had to leave Lady with him for a week while I got my new house ready. I was shocked when I picked her up. He left her outside the whole week in the rain. He also pulled huge chunks of her fur out. I guess him and his friend thought it was funny to pull her shedding hair out. The area he left her in was all mud. In any case she has a huge mostly bare area on her back now, and her coat is in terrible condition. The bare spot is so thin I'm afraid her fur won't grow back properly. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can help her get a healthy coat again? Thanks!

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    Sorry to hear that your husband was such a jerk to her. Now first I am curious about how old she is because that does effect the coat and such. Second of all I am going to say thankfully you shouldn't worry too much because she wasn't shaved. So the guard hairs are still intact. What I will say is a good bath and brush with a good shampoo and conditioner will go a long ways for your situation. The undercoat has to come out one way or another to help promote new growth. After a good bath and brush. You will need to keep up on the brushing to help stimulate the coat and ensure it doesn't mat. I would also recommend putting her on some supplements like Missing Link Skin and Coat because all of the omegas and fatty acids that it has in it will help her skin and coat a lot. In no time flat you won't even know that she had a thin spot.

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