I have a now almost 8 month old Great Pyr/German Shepherd mix. He was neutered a couple weeks ago and at the same time, the vet removed his singular back double dew (just the second one). This was only a nail not connected to any bones-just skin and would get caught on things. He still has his other dewclaws.

It was healing nicely and we took him into the vet for a check in. She recommended removing the bandage. Immediately after we got home he ripped out his stitches, so we took him back in and got him staples along with keeping in bandaged up. He has since ripped off his cone, tore the bandage and ripped out his staples. We have kept it covered, changed bandages twice a day, put a sock over the bandages and kept his cone on. Somehow he keeps biting at it and creating lots of sores and missing fur.

Our vet is out of town for another 2 days. We are trying to only go to her as we have a puppy plan where we don't have to pay for after surgery care. I could use some advice on what to do to make it heal faster and keep him from biting at it. He is almost 90lbs and looks pretty great pyr like. I can post a picture, but it is pretty gross. Thank you!