Hello All. I need advice on our 7 month old intact male, Dozer. We got him when he was almost 8 weeks old. It was not from a breeder, but on a farm. I read and researched a lot- mostly on this website! I have tried to prepare for stages and issues as much as possible.
Anyway, we got him in November so not ideal for a little pup who was going to be outside 24/7. So instead of that plan he was on our porch when he wanted to be during the day and for sure at night. As he grew he was able to open the door and would go out at some point during the night. That all stopped when we had 4 coyotes in the field near our house and he went running toward them. We now lock him in the porch at night. Our yard is fenced in, but he can squeeze through in some places where it is wood and we are working on changing those areas. Ideally we would like him to be in the area with the cattle, but fear he will not respect his boundaries and take off.. Since day 1 he has been exposed to the cattle which he can go by freely. He barks at them when they go to an area he doesn't feel they should be, (like in the woods when they are normally in the cow-yard), he plays with the smaller ones, we have never had an issue with him being aggressive with them. He has also always went to the chicken coop with my son since the beginning. He goes in the first part of the coop, but never into the main part as he barks at them and makes them crazy. He has ended up with a chicken on 3 occasions. In those instances the chicken had escaped the coop/run and ended up in the yard. Dozer never killed a chicken, but would hold in under his paw and one time in his mouth. Again, like it wasn't where it was supposed to be... He is great with the sit command, shake, and come- this one is usually on his terms and he does better for me than my husband or children. So that is a little background on our experience, now for the issue...

He is starting to make my husband nervous. Within the past week we had someone come to look at some steers we were selling. (Dozer's buddies) The guy had his grandson with and Dozer apparently nipped at him. I was not home and did not see it. My husband told me about it. Then last night our male friend came over and he nipped at him. Again I did not see it. My husband's reaction is- he has to go. I, on the other hand, am an analyzer and want to figure out what is causing this and try to train him, etc. (Also, he's got me wrapped around his big paw!) I understand his need to protect and keep that in mind. I also compare him to my children going through different stages, so maybe I am more patient and understanding. I don't normally have issues with him. Once in awhile he will try to nip at my boots, but I have started commanding him to sit when he does this and reward him with petting and belly rubs. However, he does this with my son (11 y.o.) and he does not listen to him and will result in who can outsmart the other one.. I don't know if he is trying to be puppy playful, or is becoming aggressive.

I think I have covered everything, but if you need more information or clarification about something let me know.

Neuter him? Put him in a kennel? Get him a cable run? Training 101? Thoughts or advice?