We rescued Bella a little less than a year ago. She was found abandoned in a field and we took her sight unseen. Bella is a gentle soul and not at all agressive. She's five years old and when we got her she wouldn't walk on the leash, ride in the car and stayed in one corner of the room unless she had to go out. We got a trainer and she now walks on the leash and is great with it and she also got her to get in the truck. Bella is not happy about that but will get in the truck now. My problem is she likes to be outside and I mean all the time. She started digging holes so my solution was to give her her own hole (or should I say two holes). She'll switch holes depending on the sun. She will stay outside in her hole all day and she will come in the house if I go out to her and tell her to come in but if I'm home she will whine and whine and bark to go outside. I don't feel it's healthy for her to be outside all day in a hole, plus the weather here in Florida is starting to get hot and don't want her to be out there in the heat. I take her on long walks twice a day and she has come a long way from when we first got her and has become trusting of us. Not sure what to do about her being in the hole all day long. She doesn't play with toys, balls, etc. Tried all those. She just looks at me like I'm nuts. Sometimes I feel like she just tolerates us. She will listen to me (but feel she has selective hearing) when she wants to. So what to do about her being in a hole all day. I do try to keep her in the house or screened porch but then when she starts whining and crying I feel so bad. Do I stick to my guns and keep her in the house part of the day or just let her be??