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    Hello everyone!
    I have a pyre puppy who will be 6 months old March 23. We already live on a small farm with our family, but my fiance and I are moving to our own plot of land soon and raising some animals.

    Between farm-living and moving, we were discussing how Finn could be a big help by pulling carts with some stuff on it.

    I've been watching some videos, reading some articles, and studying some plans on how to get started, but does anyone have any highly recommended brands of harnesses and some training tips for us?

    Thank you so much!!

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    Welcome! I did carting with several of my dogs but it has been a few years now and I no longer know the newer brands to recommend. There is a FB group called Dog Carting Beginners that has some excellent information and will likely be able to give more current recommendations. My cart is made by K9Carts and for pulling people and not things. We got out harness there too. It will be some time before Finn's bones/joints will be developed enough to actually do weight pulling but there is a lot of ground work you can do with him as he is growing - teaching him excellent leash manners, having him pull lines behind him and then graduate to objects like empty plastic milk jugs that will accustom him to the sound of something rattling behind him. The main goal right now is to make all of these tiny steps super fun for him. Not all of my dogs liked carting. It really seemed to depend on the individual. The last time I was working was with my current male Kangal but he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at about a year old so his carting days were over before they had begun. This is a photo of my first dog that was trained to cart. He adored every minute of it!
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