Hi there- I have a 9 month old Pyr/Anatolian Shepard mix that we have had since he was 8 weeks old. 90% of the time, his temperament is that of a big teddy bear but there are some behaviors that I'd like some input on. He loves people and gets extremely excited when he approaches someone and JUMPS all over them. This usually also results in a lot of pulling and jumping at strangers on the street when on walks. Since he is already 85 lbs, this is a behavior I'd like to correct ASAP.

The other thing we have seen a couple of times is an almost short-temper with (some) other dogs. There have been a few instances of him quickly turning on and getting aggressive when he does not like how the other dog is approaching him. He has been going to the dog park since he was old enough to go, and again, 90% of the time, has fun and runs around, but, there are occasions when he lashes out. Usually it is with bigger dogs (Great Danes, Huskies, German Shepards, Pits), but today I brought him to a friends house with a french bulldog, they ran around the yard for a few minutes but then the other dog kept pestering him and Winston went nuts. We had to keep them separated after that or Winston would bark and go after him when the bull dog came running up to him. Note- he has never bitten at all, but because he is bigger and louder than most dogs, it always looks really bad when he is being the aggressor.

Any advice on how to continue to train to improve these behaviors? I have read a lot about Pyrs sometimes being like that with other dogs, but hoping to get a better understanding of what scenarios to look out for.