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Thread: Bianca zapped

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    Default Bianca zapped

    We have had Bianca, an Anatolian/Pyrenees for about 3 months. During her time with us we have regularly taken her to our local dog park she is thriving on the attention from people and dogs. For the last 2 months she has been completely off leash. She will walk the perimeter of her new domain at a very measured pace. She is always friendly and playful with all she meets. Trips to the park are something we have gotten very comfortable with and are very important parts of our day.
    Bordering this 35 acre park is a large pasture where local ranchers winter their herd. There is an electrified fence separating park from cows. Bianca always assesses this herd but never pays much attention because they donít belong to her. The other day Bianca strayed too close to the fence and got zapped. She was about 30 yards away and ran crying back to us where she stayed like glue for the rest of our walk. Since then she has been very reluctant to get out of the car when we go to the park. A couple of times she would go a little way but we could tell sheís stressed and wants to go back to the car. Today she only got out of the car because some other people and a dog wanted to meet her. As for walking the path, she wanted no part of it.
    I know a lot of dogs will react very strongly to being shocked and it doesnít bother others. My concern with Bianca is how best to get her confident enough to have a good time at the park.
    This is such an independent breed that I donít have a good feeling about how to proceed.
    Thanks for any hints and help.

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    I don't have much advice but ours was shocked by our pig fence. He flipped out and ran into the fence when it shocked him one day.
    He still won't go near that fence and that was months ago.

    The only way I can get him near is having treats with me but he's still very reluctant.
    He's very sensitive.

    I would try some high value treats for awhile with that area and see if it can make a difference.

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