Well it's been three months since I got my Maremma/GP mix Moo. He was 4 months at the time and totally unsocialized from people. Since then I've been getting him used to other people and dogs. He was initially very intimated by other dogs, especially larger ones but has since become a great, playful dog. Even when larger dogs become aggressive he seems to know how to handle it without it becoming a fight...so proud! He is very selective about people but no longer gets upset with the unintended head pat. He'll move away but not get disjointed. Once he gets to know someone(sometimes in a manner of minutes) he'll be licking their hand or head. Sometimes he just warms up to certain people right away.

However he still is leery about new situations. He wants to come in the same door and go to the same places(uless it's a nature trail). He doesn't feel comfortable with anything new. I know he trusts me but he will be resistant regarding doing anything different. Recently he got nervous going inside through his dog door. Going outside is fine but going in was difficult. I would use chicken to lure him in and it would work but he is hesitant. It's like after all this time andwork he regresses. Recently he's been nervous to eat unless I fiddle with the food in his dish with my hand and reassure him it's ok. At my dads house he was on the couch and didn't want to come on the leash. I had to pick him up like an 80 pound suitcase to get him to leave. He was fine after that.

On the plus side he doesn't show any signs of aggression. I totally trust him. I constantly grab him and always(always) give him a hug and kisses when I do this. But there's a miscommunication where he doesn't trust me to introduce him to new things(at times). I only use positive techniques. I'm missing something he's trying to say. I want him to be ok eating in his spot and following my lead. When we hike he's great off leash and always follows my lead. But in social situations it's different. I'm missing something he's telling me. I hired a very well know behaviorist who has trained LGD and has a popular podcast to help me. I hope it gives me some good guidance. Moo is such a good dog and I sense he's very logical and not all that neurotic so it's got to be something I'm not getting right. We have great trust in each other but something is missing. I hope the trainer can pinpoint it. I'll keep you all posted.