I have had a very bad year and a half, and to bring some much needed joy into my life I allowed my 5 year old female Pry to breed with my year old male Pry. Living in a very rural location and county, I feel confident I will be able to easily find the pups good homes on farms or ranches.

Momma only had 3 puppies and the little runt died the second night. So . . . I now have 2 very large pups; one male and one female, who are 24 days old.

The pups only started walking a few days ago at 21 days, and I think their eyes are just about all the way open.

They usually nurse on momma's back 4 teats. They are now complaining after nursing and even though it is a bit early, my gut feeling is to go ahead and start them on wet mushy purina kibble puppy chow.

Is this too early?