Our pupper, Patch, gets hot indoors. When he wants to go out, he makes a hum-whine sound. He is constantly asking to go out. This isn't usually an issue. Someone is always home, and awake, day and night. But sometimes he turns into a barky mcbarkface outside at night. We have a large, fenced-in backyard. But there are neighbors on all three sides. They have dogs as well. When Patch goes out at night and sees or hears the other dogs, he barks. And barks. He's only seven months old, but his bark is LOUD. The neighbors yell at him and curse the day he was born. Sometimes it's difficult to get him back inside. If I keep him inside, his whines turn into yips, then quiet barks, then full-throated panic-ridden rargs. He wakes up the people who are on different shifts in the house.

So my question is... Should I let him out as soon as he starts whining to go out? Every time I say no, the noises he makes get louder. I don't want this to turn into a bad habit, which is why I try let him out before it gets to the panic bark. If he gets loud, I try to distract him, but there isn't much I can do - quietly. He has no interest in non-food toys. The laser pointer works for a bit, but it sounds like a herd of cows running through the house when he chases it.

If I let him out, I risk pissing off the neighbors.

Would obedience training work for territorial barking?