Hi, I have 2 great Pyrenees, they are almost 3 years old, male and fixed female, I put them with my goats at night because of coyotes and bear, both dogs take care of the goats, clean them, lay with them and have done so all there life, the goats are the same age as the dogs and all grew up together. Hereís what Iíve run into, my goats are now having young, and when they are first born both of the dogs clean up the after birth as well as clean the baby, note they never harm the baby but they keep the mama goat away from the baby, aggressively at times. This has happened 4 separate times, I have to stay with them until they get use to the mama staying with the baby, usually a few hours, has this happened to anyone else? Note, these are great dogs, they stay with my free range chickens and guineas, we brought 2 kittens home and they donít bother them at all, witch seems weird to me Iíve never had a dog that doesnít go after cats.