I've had Moo 2 months now. When I first got him I tried to get him to sleep in the pantry/laundry room where I had it gated off. He cried for two nights until I'd go in with him. Then I put a large crate in my room and that solved all the problems. He seemed to not mind going in and would be quite all night unless he heard some foreign sound. Recently I've noticed him panting at night shortly after going to bed. He seemed a little uncomfortable so i let him outside to go. Sometimes he'd go to the bathroom and sometimes he wouldn't. I'd give him some water and he would drink it but it still looked like he was breathing a little heavy. I keep my room at 60 degrees so I know it's not that he's overheating.

I read that some dogs can develop containment anxiety. So last night I put him in the pantry where he originally cried all night. His regular food and water dish are in there and there's a big dog bed. Well, he slept soundly all night and when I sneaked a peek he seemed to be breathing normally and relaxed. So I'm thinking he may be out growing his crate. This is actually OK since there's a dog door I installed in the pantry that leads out to the back yard. He's still too afraid to use it but he has gone in and out with a LOT of coaxing. I'm going to start working on that(Any suggestions appreciated). Also he didn't have a single accident all night in there and has been asking to go to relieve himself the past few days. Even at my dads.

He's actually doing very well now although his ultra cautious/nervous nature sometimes makes things very challenging. He just turned 6 months and is 64 pounds. His play biting is a pain(literally) and I try to redirect but sometimes he'll get in a good pinch. I love his puppy nature but this part of it I can't wait to pass.