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    thanks Larryt, I was thinking of trying a harness and your experience tells me it's worth a try. That "augering" feels so familiar. My sister ( who hasn't met Murray and has a chihuahua) asked why I don't "make" him come where I want. It's hard to explain to someone without a strong, powerful, muscular dog how impossible that is. It would be like getting a fire hydrant to move. He isn't angry about wanting to plunk down, he's just a placid but determined immovable object. I'm really lucky that he doesn't pull and he's used to going on walks. He's great for about 1 1/2 miles of the loop we walk, but that last half a mile is a challenge. Fortunately we don't have sub zero temperatures here, though it's snowing today. I'm going to invest in a harness and I'll let you know how that goes. Good luck with Bianca, she may adjust to her new lifestyle with time and love, it took Murray a couple of weeks out seemed to realize he wasn't just visiting us and that this was his new place in the world and that we were his new people. We are so smitten with Murray and he's only got a few little issues compared with some of the others I've read about here, I'm trying to count my blessings. He's perfectly fine with people and other pets. He's not destructive, not aggressive, barks but not excessively. He loves affection and is already quite bonded to us. Thanks for your response. Have a great weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larryt View Post
    My neighbor suggested that I get a sled or wagon to bring her home
    Ah, that... yep, done that too...
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    As far as the notion that Bianca perhaps should not be "confined" as a family companion, I think perhaps you can look at it a different way. For several centuries before now these guys were used to roam the European mountains with their flock. That's how they developed their desire to roam. These days how many LGDs really get to do that? Most family farms have limited acreage. Many of these LGDs work their entire lives in enclosed areas. It is true that they may not be leashed, but they are definitely not roaming far and wide by any means.

    I think you are still in the process of working things out with Bianca. LGDs are independent, big, and confident. They will make their own decisions if you do not firmly set down your rules and boundaries. It sounds like Bianca is dictating what she wants because she senses you are a bit at a loss as to what to do. But it also sounds like you are starting to communicate to Bianca about your needing her to cooperate with you. It is ok to be firm (but not angry) in your demeanor. They are smart and they can and will learn to cooperate, you just have to be clear and consistent.

    @murraysmom: Just a thought, have you had Murray's hips checked? You said he growled at the vet person while you guys were trying to lift him up. Since you said Murray's perfect with people then he would not likely to growl at someone for no reason. Just a thought.

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    Max used to do this when we first got him. Fortunately he only weighed 30-40 pounds during this phase! We introduced the concept of destinations. Sometimes we walk or drive to get ice cream, or french fries, or petted at the park. And he doesn't know if this is a boring walk/drive or one with an amazing treat. So he's decided to let us take the lead on choosing destinations, even if I don't have treats in hand.

    But at the beginning, we were bribing him with treats just to walk to the car/climb in the car/ get up off the sidewalk/come through the door. We also tried all the treats and found he does best with some variety when treats are offered, if he is allowed to get bored with even the best treat, he no longer feels compelled to even humor us.

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