I've got good news guys!! Kit stopped shedding large amounts. I think the deshedding shampoo works but you have to wait a few days for the shedding to stop. I think it loosens the follicles and cause continuous shedding for a few days after the groom. The most effective thing was the force dryer.

Sebatian'smom, I have something like that for the shower. It works very well indeed. I have yet to use it dry. Kit does great in the shower and horribly with the force dryer. The force dryer and rake combo really helped a lot in taking out the undercoat in retrospect. I was just shocked how much more hair came out the next few days.

The FL humidity helps me tremendously. I keep forgetting this until I travel elsewhere. I've spent time in dry places and experience allergies immediately. I usually get hives and carry around cortisone lotion when I travel.

So maybe the dehsedding shampoo does work after all.