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    Default Body condition & Daily food intake

    I was petting Judge today and was kinda surprised that I could feel his spine through his coat. I started feeling around more and noticed I could feel his ribs too everywhere else seems fine. I donít feel hip bones or chest bones at all. At his 1 year appointment the vet mentioned he was on the lean side but was fine with it and his health checked out fine. As of right now I havenít noticed him acting any different or any signs of illness unless you count the weight loss (which idk if it is weight loss as he hasnít heen weighed since his last check up). .

    I just feel like heís super lean (leaner than he previously was)which isnít a bad thing for his joints however he does spend most of the day and nights outside. The odd night he will come in the house and spend the night in. We live in Canada and our winter temps do dip below -25 Celsius regularly. He has a dog house but never uses it (dumbie). He has a dog bed he sleeps on or he lays under our deck.

    I just figured that being he is coming up on his 2nd birthday (April) that he would start filling out a bit not get leaner.
    Currently he is on ACANA Prairie Poultry. The calcium/phosphorus ratios checks out and I had to be cost effective while still having great ingredients. Originally I was feeding him 2 cups twice a day (morning/evening) but come evening he always had at least half of his morning portion left in his dish so I just started giving him all 4 cups in the morning and just check his dish in the evening. By evening he always still has some left but come morning itís completely gone. I am pretty sure he is a snacker and eats 1/2 cup portions through out a 24hr period. It is not the food he does not like as he was like this with his lrg breed puppy food as well as 1 other brand I tried him on that didnít end up working for us.

    What do you guys think? Anyone else free feed their Pyrenees or do they have a scheduale feed? How many cups do you feed/do they eat? Any experience with lean Pyrenees that stayed lean or did they eventually fill out?

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    Sounds to me like Judge is in fine body condition. Once a pup is beyond 6 months old, the calcium/phosphorus ratio is much less of a concern. Acana is pretty high calorie food, over 400 calories per cup so a dog doesn't need to eat as much in quantity to fulfill the energy needs.

    I prefer to keep my dogs thin and I can easily feel Ren's ribs, spine, hip bones, shoulder blades, and chest bone. If you can't feel Judge's hip bones or chest bones, he's got more of a layer of flesh on him than Ren does. Ren gets breakfast and dinner. But he often doesn't finish his breakfast. Since Ren spends his day outside in the yard, whatever breakfast he doesn't finish stays in the bowl until we get home and he's let back in the house. His routine is as soon as he gets back in the house, he goes to finish his breakfast. Then he gets dinner later on. Ren is fed 2-3 cups kibbles a day but he's also supplemented with home cooked. I use the home cooked to encourage him to finish his kibbles.

    Also, if Judge is still intact, it would not be all that unusual for him to stay leaner. Additionally, pyrs actually don't hit physical maturity until they are about 4 yrs old. Judge is not yet two, so he's not reached the stage where he is going to be obviously filling out. For example, Ren hit 80 lbs at 10 months. Ren is now just over 2 yrs old and he's about 88 lbs. It took him over a year to put on 8 lbs. I expect him to put on a bit more weight in the next 18 months.

    If you are worried that Judge should carry a bit more weight due to winter, perhaps add some canned food to encourage eating.

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    My views are the same as that of yours Kholts.

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