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    Default Best Shampoos For Dirty, Smelly Dogs

    I'm blessed with a lot of the extremely dirty and smelly dogs coming in for their OAY bath & trim. Of course I have plenty of regulars that have "odors" as well, especially the ****er spaniels.

    I'm looking for suggestions for products you've found to be effective. I've used Grimenator in the past and was very happy, this is probably what I'll go back to if I can't find something else. Right now I'm using Bark 2 Basics Odor Control and it's doing okay for me, I'd like something better though. I'm beginning to run low and am getting ready to order something, just not sure what yet.

    I think this year, I'll take any suggestions I get here and either request samples or order a small bottle in to try.

    What works for you?
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