Hi everyone! We have a 3 month old great Pyrenees puppy, she just turned 3 months on the 20th. She hasn't been on a leash really at all, I tried to put one on her back when she was 7-8 weeks and she just sat there , would not walk. Now today I got her a larger collar bc she'd outgrown the other one, so I decided to put the leash on just to see how she'd do, well she ran forever and when I finally got it on her she would thrash and flop around like crazy every time I tried to pick it up or have her to walk to me on it or something. I know these dogs are very independent but surely they can be trained to use a leash?? We don't take her many places because she gets car sick :/ but we are wanting to get her into the petsmart class if we can get her to stop throwing up every car ride. My husband thinks we can train her ourselves though, since really all I want her to learn is not to have food aggression toward our chihuahua and to be nice to our kids(9,7, almost 2 and due in March with the last one!) and to sit if needed. Not sure if it will affect behavior but we plan to have her spayed in two months, right before 6 months old. I just wanted to see if anyone has any tips for getting her comfortable on, and not afraid of, the leash and collar, or just training in general. Thanks!