Hi there, I adopted a Great Pyrenees about a month ago. His name is Moses and he is 4 years old. I was told he came from a volatile situation before I brought him home. He is the perfect dog until I leave for work. Once I leave, he likes to remodel my front door for me. He does not chew on anything else unless, of course, I put something in front of the door, in which case, he chews that too. He doesn't seem to eat or drink anything when I am gone either (though he has started to eat the treats I hide in his bed for him to find). He is also disinterested in any toy I try to give him (whether I am home or not). I've tried giving him bones and snacks right before I leave, but he spits them out the moment he realizes I am about to walk out the door. I make sure to walk him every morning before I go to work and again when I come home, but that doesn't seem to deter him from remodeling my front door when he's left alone. I have a crate for him, but I am not fond of the idea of using it (plus he refuses to go in it anyway). Does anyone have some suggestions on how to entertain him when I'm at work? Is this something he will grow out of once we get a routine down?