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    Default Destructive habits

    My pyr eats everything, not just chews it up. I'm worried. Hes 7 months old. Bottle raised because of mothers death at his birth. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    When you say that your boy ďeatsĒ everything, do you mean that he chews on it until he reduces it to shreds, or is he actually swallowing pieces of inedible objects?

    Destructive behavior is normal at this age. Right now, his jaws are still sore from all of that teething heís been doing over the past few months, and chewing everything in sight helps him to soothe the pain. It doesnít help that right now, his teeth are slightly too big for that puppy mouth of his. 7 months was about the height of Sebastianís destructive behavior. He outgrew it around the time he reached a year of age.

    So, what to do? Puppy proof, puppy proof, puppy proof (and yes, I know this is easier said than done). Treat everything in your home as something he would love to get his teeth on. Things on lower shelves need to be moved out of his reach. Any shoes, articles of clothing, or other objects that tend to be left on floors, even for short periods of time, need to be put away where he canít get to them - ASAP.

    At the same time, supervise, supervise, supervise (again, easier said than done). If you have to leave him home alone, crate him, or leave him in a well puppy-proofed room. If there are certain areas of the house where he particularly loves to get into mischief, restrict his access to times when he can be supervised.

    Give him his own stuff to chew on. Regular dog toys are probably not going to be durable enough for him right now, so invest in some that are meant for tough chewers. My favorite brand is Hugglehounds. They arenít that much more expensive than the less durable toys, and they tend to last months at our house - as opposed to hours for some of the other toys Iíve bought them. They also enjoy chewing on bones, although I would give a 7-month-old only supervised access to those.

    You can also give him Kongs full of peanut butter, sqeeeze cheese, or something similar. Making sure that he gets plenty of exercise can also help to curb destructive behavior.

    Yes, all of this is a whole lot of work, but itís important, especially if he is actually ingesting things. One wrong swallowed object could mean a very expensive trip to the emergency vet - or worse.

    Also, when you catch him chewing on something he shouldnít have, instead of scolding him and taking it away, calmly offer him a treat, or toy, or something else he likes in exchange for the forbidden object. This will make it much easier to take things away from him down the road.
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