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    It's been a month. I've been spending as much time as possible with him. He made it through the holidays and my family including my young nephews who were very good about not crowding him. He's gotten much more confident with me and in general. We have had a couple of play dates with other dogs. He generally did pretty well although at times he got a little scared of the older dogs but did occasional initiate play.

    He's completely desensitized to my house. I recently turned on the steam cleaner(potty training is still ongoing) and he bowed down in play mode and zig zagged back and forth at it like a game. I've actually noticed he's starting to use play mode in lieu of retreat when he gets scared. I'm really happy to see this.

    I have a friend who he occasionally growls at if he puts his hand out. We worked on this last night with treats and a clicker. By the end of the night my friend was petting him nicely and he lay down at his feet while we imbibed in a drink. He definitely is more comfortable with women then men and at one time another fiend's wife was really giving him love and he soaked it up.

    I started using click training which is as helpful for me as it is him. He is a sucker for Italian sausage pieces and I could probably get him to do my taxes if I just used that as a reward. But the clicker really helps us both zero in on the behavior I want and I think it's given him security and confidence that he's doing the right thing. I highly recommend it. It's made me much better as a trainer and leader for him. Potty training is still ongoing but it's getting there. Few accidents but he still goes inside when I'm not keeping an eye on him.

    He also still eats dirt and the occasional leaf or stick though that has gotten much, much better. At work I'm the lead trainer for my agency and I have access to all the expired pepper spay and have hit the spots he usually goes to and it's worked for the most part. Once I'm convinced he won't eat anything dangerous I'll start using the doggie door which I think(hope) will expedite his toilet training and give him a more enjoyable experience when he's at home by himself.

    We still need to do work on him being comfortable in public places. I haven't exposed him to town since the first time. I want to really work on other areas and then slowly get him used to that. I have been playing youtube videos of city sounds which really seems to expedite desensitizing the sound aspect of it.

    I really love him. I know he's going to be such a loyal companion and he can be so sweet and looks to me when he's scared or uncertain. He may never be the off leash hiker and public mush my old dog was but that's ok. He's his own kind of guy and I'm sure he'll keep a good eye on the house when I'm away. And with his calm demeanor I'm hoping I might still get him to be a good therapy dog to bring to nursing homes. It's been a lot of work but I know it'll be worth it.

    Here's a couple of at my friends feet once he realized he was the key to Italian sausage and one of him helping me study up on my click training technique.

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    Sounds like you and Moo are working out wonderfully!! I am a big fan of clicker training. I am a big fan of positive reinforcement training, period. It's great that you are not rushing him to new experiences. So long as you just continue to work with him at a nice smooth pace, I think he will come along very well as time goes by.

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