My husband is having foot surgery on the 15th. They are going to cut off a bunion, break his big toe and make it straight again and put a pin thru it, take some bone out of the toe nest to it and put a pin in it and save off some one on the outside of hi foot. Anyway, we had to go to the foot/ankle specialist that is doing the surgery for per-surgery visit yesterday.

Jerry had on one of his Pyr shirts and Dr. C noticed it and said "Oh, you have a Pyrenees ,too." We told him yes, and he said they had adopted one a couple of years ago, and gets out his phone and proceeds to show us pictures of his Pyrenees, a beautiful white one. I think we ended up talking more about our Pyrs than we did about the up coming foot surgery. Me thinks Pyr lovers love to brag on their dogs and show off pictures! Oh, we had to show him our debit card---which has a picture of Sir Moose on it.