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    Default Recommendations please...

    I searched this section of the forum but but there doesn't seem to be anything recent so I am asking again. Forgive me if this is a wore out topic.

    My wife and I just rescued a PYR/Golden Retriever mix on Wednesday. Need recommendations on a vacuum and an undercoat rake please.

    Any other suggestions for a new PYR mix are appreciated. He is a fantastic dog. We were told he is 2-3 yrs old. So far, no issues that concern us and we love him to death.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome Mark & new fur guy...and his name is???
    (and thank you for giving this boy a safe & caring home)

    I personally prefer using a double sided slicker brush from Master Groomers.....I have the Teal one (actually I have 2) it is flexible, and has a "bent" side which I use for getting Rudy's undercoat out.....

    There is a professional groomer on this forum, hopefully she will chime in & answer your question with a bit more recommendation.

    In regards to vacuums...I have 2, a Meile & a Hoover upright Pet. I don't know how Hoover does it, but the brush never seems to get jammed up with dog fur (I have 4 dogs....1 Pyr, 3 Aussies).

    Let's see a photo of your new boy!

    Nancy & Rudy

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    Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    I, too, have a Miele vacuum that I absolutely love. My house is two stories, and I have wall-to-wall carpet for the time being, so I also have a Roomba on each level - a newer model downstairs, and an eight-year-old one upstairs. The Roombas are both set to run daily.

    As for the undercoat rake, I have this one, and it does a great job on Sebastianís undercoat. I can remove an obscene amount of hair in a relatively short period of time.

    And, yes, I agree with Nancy. We love photos!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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    As a long time Maremma owner, I've gone through five vacuums. If you have carpet, I would go with Miele, Oreck or an industrial strength one with metal parts. If you have hardwood floor like me, I use a handheld cordless dyson. I really like the cordless dysons because I have a back problem and can vacuum frequently. I have a Dyson V6 and it has been amazing. I also have a roomba i980. This was a splurge and I use it in my bedroom a few times a week. Wait until Black Friday to see good deals on vacuums.

    For rakes, I would go with JW Soft Grip double rake. Price often does not justify quality. The double tooth rake will strip from the base rather than cut midway. Whatever you do, don't get a furminator. Those will damage your dog's coat.

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    Puppy (New Member)

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    Quote Originally Posted by snow0160 View Post
    I have a Dyson V6 and it has been amazing. I also have a roomba i980. This was a splurge and I use it in my bedroom a few times a week. Wait until Black Friday to see good deals on vacuums.
    I also have Roomba i980 and it does good job with my puppy's hairs. Be sure to check out this site, it reviews the robotic vacs that work well on pets hair. Btw, keep in mind that getting your dog bathed and blow dried regularly will rid you of a lot of the shedding hair.

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    Hey there! I'm a groomer and I also highly recommend staying away from the furminator. I use the paws pamper undercoat rake, the medium to large 13 blade would work best for a Great Pyr. Be sure to seperate the hair going by sections and not just rake over the top or you will cut the coat. A slicker brush and greyhound comb work great in combination. Between the three, your furbaby will stay comfortable and beautiful,

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    Thanks for the information.

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