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    Exclamation diarrhea

    I'm new on here, so there may already be info about this somewhere, but, my 2 year old GP, Indi, has had explosive diarrhea twice this week, so not daily. She seems perfectly fine. So much so, I didn't know if it was her or her brother...but today was in her crate.
    I have 2 chinese chestnut trees in my back yard and she loves to eat them (and the hulls!). However, they all got raked up this past weekend.
    This is the only thing I could think it might be.
    There is no blood.
    Any ideas?

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    I have a dog that loves to eat acorns (it is my poodle mix). The acorns that drop in the fall causes him to throw up. Acorns are poisonous to dogs but will not kill them if they only eat one or two. He does have compulsive acorn eatting habbit. I've taught him "leave it" command. This helped when I am vigilant about acorns on the ground. His obedience is at a much higher level now so this is no longer an issue. Perhaps you can block off the area surrounding the chestnut tree until she learns the leave it command?

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    There are a lot of things that can cause diarrhea, ranging from dietary indiscretion, to intestinal parasites, to partial bowel obstructions/ foreign objects in the intestinal tract, to scary stuff I wonít even talk about. Usually, itís one of the first two things.

    If you suspect chestnuts are the culprits, I would block her access to the area with the chestnut trees until the nuts stop falling. In the meantime, I would also advise calling your vet and seeing if s/he wants to examine your girl, or if they prefer that you drop off a fecal sample to screen for parasites first.

    Your vet will likely recommend a bland diet for a few days (boiled chicken and white rice), as well as a fiber supplement (canned pumpkin or canned sweet potato work well). S/he may even put your dog on a probiotic for a week or so to restore your dogís intestinal flora (although I have never really had much luck with probiotics helping my two).

    We had a rough go of it over the Summer with Chester, my non-Pyr, having middle-of-the-night explosive diarrhea in my carpeted bedroom on a fairly regular basis. Several trips to the vet and an obscene amount of money later, we still donít have a definitive answer as to what caused it. My guess is that his habit of drinking out of a fountain I have gave him an intestinal parasite that doesnít usually show up in a routine fecal test. For the most part, he is feeling better, although he did have a little explosion in the wee hours this morning. Fortunately, Sebastian tried giving me advance warning about Chesterís predicament, so I was awake enough to get him outside as soon as the pooping began. Otherwise, Iíd still be cleaning the carpet.

    There is no telling what may have caused last nightís episode with Chester. For now, itís just a wait-and-see game to find out if he can give me any additional clues.

    Hope your girl is feeling much much better soon!
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