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How does that work with your dogs sleeping outside of her kennel how my going to trust her to not consume my dining room chairs or eat my stairs, is she loves to gnaw on wood.
LOL, that one is easy, she doesn't get to sleep outside of her kennel until you can trust her not to chew. The chewing is a phase, most of them grow out of it sooner or later. She's only 4 months old, she's right at the age where she's losing her baby teeth. The chewing at this age is very normal.

Only some of them can be trusted not to be destructive at 6 months. As I said in my post, my female Bijou was crated whenever we were out until she was fully 2 yrs old. While her "brother" was completely trustworthy at 6 months.

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At what age can they hold in all night long And not Pee on the floor?
4 months is still too early to expect her to have potty control. Most of them have pretty good control of their bladder by the time they are 6 months. But some can take longer. Be patient, she'll get there.

We had an ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL time potty training Ren. I remember those evenings when I literally cleaned up 10 accidents in one evening. But by the time he was 6 months old, he was pretty solid on controlling.

It's very good your baby likes her crate. It makes things so much easier not to have to fight them on crate training!