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    Default question that i heard today about food

    So i heard that grain free dog food is the cause of some heart problems in dogs has anyone ever heard that befroe and i was wanting to know what types of food you all feed ur pyrs. i want something the is good for joints and heart and kidneys. and the ingredients i want the first 3-4 to be meat. i have been using american journey for large breed puppies the chicken and sweet pot flavor and he loves it but it is grain free.

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    According to the FDA, there is the possibility that certain grain-free diets may contribute to the development of heart disease in some dogs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all dogs eating grain-free food will get sick from it.

    Here is the link to an article I shared in a different thread a while back...

    If your pup likes the American Journey food and is doing well on it, then I don’t see any harm in keeping him on it.

    As far as if it’s “better” to feed a food with grains vs. a grain-free formula? It really depends on the dog. Some truly need a grain-free formula due to sensitivities or allergies, while other dogs seem to tolerate formulas that contain grains better. It’s all about finding a food that works for you!
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