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    Default 9 month old hates brush and eats hair

    Yes, it is, my boy Max is 9 months old and everytime I attempt to brush him, he canít stand still for more than 2 minutes......also if a clump of hair hits the ground,he eats it.....i obviously do my best to NOT let it hit the ground, anyone else have this issue? And does anyone have a secret method to make them sit still while being brushed.....THANKS!

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    Welcome Celichek & Max.....he sounds like quite the character!

    if you've only just started brushing him, I would go back to square the brush on him, but not the other words, you are not "brushing" him, you are conditioning him to the motion & feeling of the brush...short 2 minute practices several times a day with a treat he only gets when the brush comes out...
    after a week or weeks of that, graduate to soft brushings, again, several times a day...with that yummy, can't wait for it, drool all over himself treat...
    this will take time to graduate to a full grooming session...
    and please...remember to make it non stressful for both of you....

    I usually start out like this when I get my pups home, but still with my Pyr's it has always been short sessions, working on a specific spot at one time...I rarely get to do a full brushing on Rudy and he is 6 yrs.

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    Welcome! I second what Nancy says. I have a couple dogs that love being brushed and a couple that really don't. I always make sure to not attempt to brush until they are nice and relaxed. Initially I just work on a nice petting session, massaging and slowly working the brush in as I go. My pups always try to eat the flying fur. I bring something with me to put the fur in and when I'm done, dump it somewhere the dogs can't access it. Good luck!

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