It has been a while since I’ve been on the forum. I’ve been working hard training Kit to pass her cgca, CGCU, advanced obedience, SD training and rally. One thing I struggle a lot with for public access part of service dog training is her vocalisation. I remembered many LGD owners have this problem. So I’ve decided to post about it.

I’ve found the answer to fix the barking problem! You must teach the dog to bark on command! Then you teach the dog no bark. Originally, I had only taught Kit to not bark without the bark command. It didn’t work. You have to teach both. It won’t stop the barking 100% but it will lessen it by at least 40%.

So you ask what to do about the 60%? I use the water bottle. I don’t even have to use it but just having it in my hand makes her understand that I mean serious business. If that doesn’t work, what do I do? Well i use a martingale collar with a short leash attached. I would correct her just slightly. If the martingale doesn’t work I move to a prong collar. I’ve completely changed my mind on prong collars. They must be used correctly and there must be at least a period of one week for the dog to get used to it. We had the prong on her an hour a day for one week. We give her lots of treats when we slip it on so she doesn’t develop bad association with it. The prong collar works very well in correcting bad behaviors. I would use the prong correction sparingly and only a gentle correction. Most Lgds are quite sensitive so any major or harsh correction will have poor effects.