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    Default How many times show a dog be bred

    How many times should one breed a female dog (Pyrenees in particular), without it adversely affecting her health?

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    Every pregnancy has the potential to affect her health adversely.

    For someone new to the breed, Iíd say that the ideal number of litters for her to have would be exactly zero. I think we may have already had that discussion, but itís worth repeating. If you are interested in learning about the breed and what you can do to help improve it, then I would suggest joining your local Pyr club. Otherwise, I would recommend not breeding Pyrs. There are already too many of them dying in shelters, or being put down because of behavioral issues due to bad breeding.

    If you love the breed, get involved in rescue. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is in Nashville, and they always need fosters and volunteers. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is another wonderful organization that is likely to need help in your area. Once you have a better understanding of the breed, if you decide that you still want to be involved in breeding, by all means. If you volunteer with rescue, youíll know just how ďeasyĒ it is to place dogs in suitable homes (itís not), and what happens to dogs who donít land a spot in rescue (itís not pretty).

    I would also take a long look at the behavior section of this forum, because a good number of the worst threads were directly caused by breeders who didnít know what they were doing.
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