LOL we were not planning on adding another dog either so I do understand...but I just could not refuse him in the condition he was in! He is so sweet, my constant shadow, and so very CALM!!! WOW~~~I hope when I finally take him in to get fixed in the next couple of weeks I won't here $500-$700!!! I will pass out! That isn't in our budget either!!! Plus, Trooper will need his shots too! I used the last of the Sentry flea meds I had last night. Next month I will put him on Brevecto (sp), I love how it works on our other dog..we switched him to it after he experienced "tick paralysis"! It was so scary, luckily with many baths, and removing all fleas and ticks by hand (sand ticks are AWFUL) he made a full recovery! Brevecto gives 3 months full coverage, which is 1 less worry each month! Frontline also quit working for us too!
I keep trying to get Trooper to play...but he just wants to snuggle and get loves! LOL Right now I am battling his severe diarrhea that hit him on Sunday! I removed his dog food (Pedigree Puppy-which I was using to put weight on him!) and he tolerated...or seemed too for 2 weeks, then Sunday it hit! So Monday he was on water, which he is not drinking a lot of, but he still had the diarrhea. Yesterday he didn't have any diarrhea! YAY-so I made him 3 helpings of scrambled eggs, and he gobbled them down each time plus I made sure he had plenty of water available! Today I woke up to 1 mess, but at least it was partially formed! I considered that progress! So I bought a chicken, and I boiled it, made up a pot of rice, divided the pot in 1/2 for 2 servings, mixed in the chicken and added some of the broth (so I know he is getting some liquid)! He LOVED it! With my luck he won't like dog food after all of this! LOL
Other than his tummy problems recently, he has gone on 2 car rides 1 very long one, and one short one, loading him is not easy...He doesn't like loading up, and is almost to big for me to lift on my own now. He does awesome once in my Pilot. I brush him 2x a week, which he LOVES, and it is helping with the shedding! LOL We also put in a run line for him for some outside time, and we have a HUGE kennel we are setting up this weekend, since the temp & humidity here in TX have both dropped he will be able to be outside when we have errands to run, or places to go! Typical TX heat is something I have noticed he doesn't handle very well!
Anyway...thanks for the suggestions, I will also look into that Costco membership! I didn't realize they had preventatives for pets! that is great!!