Your experience is so similar to ours with Max. He is 6 months old and just started "Advanced Manners" class. Generally, he looks like a superstar in class because he loves treats and knows class comes with treats. And because most of the requested behaviors are about staying still and calm. Still and calm is his default position. Still and calm for ear skritches and freeze dried liver is almost always an offer he gladly accepts.

Acclimation has made Max pretty good at ignoring friendly people and dog distractions. But this week the industrial AC came on during class and he went from 100% obedient puppy in a down stay to "hold on, I need to make sure that's not dangerous." It's the same with loose-leash walking, he now knows how to do it and generally is happy to do so...unless something comes up that he feels outweighs that rule.

The teacher sometimes wants to wait a second when Max doesn't obey, to see if he will "self-correct." Nope, if he doesn't obey, it's because he understood exactly what we asked of him, considered it, and decided against. His recall is adorable. He will be calm in a down stay and when I call him he gets the most gleeful look in his eyes, jumps up and gallops to me with a huge grin. So sweet. And it looks reliable, but I won't EVER test it by leaving him off leash in an uncontrolled environment.