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    Default When did you move from LRG Breed puppy food to Adult?


    Like the title says I am just wondering when everyone moved their dogs from puppy to adult food. Did you notice any differences once you switched from puppy to adult food? Examples would include energy levels, stool changes, weight gain..etc.

    Some resources Iíve read say for a giant breed anywhere from 12-24months is fine to switch while other resources are saying some breeders donít even put the puppies on puppy food and go straight to an all life stage formula.

    Any input welcome!

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    Rudy is the only one of our Pyr's that was never on puppy food, so the only food we switched him to was a different adult food after he was between 6 - 12 months old.

    He never had a problem with the change, as I did it over a period of a month

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