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    We give our 4-month old GP (Lily) bully sticks to occupy her need to chew. She loves them. I am a bit grossed out about what part of the bull they are from, but have read they are completely digestible and safe. My concern at this juncture is she chewed a smaller one down to about 3 inches, then swallowed the remainder whole and vomited it up later. I heard her barfing and found it. Since then, we have switched to the larger sticks, but I am wondering if we need to be concerned or not. If she swallows an end before it is completely chewed, can she digest it? Feedback appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    We give our 4-month old GP
    The reality is there is no assurance that when they swallow anything whole that it would pass. The bully stick may digest but did they do studies with 4 month old pups or full grown adults that are more than twice Lily's size and have a longer digestive tract. Having said that, however, it doesn't mean that there will be a problem either. So, it's kinda down to how comfortable you feel.

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