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    Default Smell of female pyr in house bad for new female pyr?

    Our Aussie-Pyr mix passed away this week; we had her nine years and she was a house dog who didn't care for the outdoors much. We let her climb on furniture and she had full run of the house.

    We are wanting to adopt a new Pyr, preferably a female, but I am wondering if the the new dog will be apprehensive with the smell of our old girl still lingering? I've seen so many cautions against having to females in one house. If we bring a girl rescue pyr home, will it make her anxious to come inside?

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    Welcome, and so sorry to read about the passing of your is never easy no matter how old they are

    if you are concerned about her scent remaining,may I suggest having your carpets & furniture professionally cleaned.
    get your new companion a bed, toys & food bowls of her own

    you may not find the perfect Pyr for you for awhile, so your girls scent should naturally fade after awhile

    and one never knows...the scent of another dog may even comfort a new companion!

    let us know how things work out for you

    Nancy & Rudy

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    Hhhhmmmm, you know I've never even thought twice about scents. Never had a problem myself and I've had dogs close together in and out of the house.
    Damn it now it's one more thing I'm gonna over think. Which I think we all do. Lol.
    Keep your soul clean
    Your boots dirty.

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