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    Default Saying Goodbye and Finding A Home

    Now that my two dogs are with a new owner, I must say goodbye to everyone, I enjoyed my time on the forums.

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    Wait. What? Your neighbor complains for the very first time in so many years that your dogs bark and 24 hours later you have already re-homed them?!?!?!! Do you even feel sad? It sounds as if you were relieved almost. I can't believe you posted "problem solved. Our dogs have a new owner". What was the purpose of your thread then? I honestly can't believe how little you have done to keep your dogs home. Did you even talk to the neighbor? Did you try keeping them inside? Did you do something other than giving up without trying? I'm sorry, but this is awful. And I see that you deleted your post but, why would you have dogs if you couldn't give them the attention that they need? Of course you were going to give them away at the very first issue encountered. Dogs aren't plants that you can move from one place to another like it's not a big deal. I hope you never get to have another dog.

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