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    Default Howdy, All

    I have been so tied up with house and yard and doctor appointments, I just have not taken tim t visit the forums. I have painted the kitchen, dining, Livingroom (with 12 foot vaulted ceiling), the entry, the hall, one bathroom and one bedroom. Hubby can't get on a ladder at all plus, a 5 year old does better with paint....hubby gets it EVERYWHERE. And truth be told, I am so scared of heights that I rarely go higher than one step on ladder or stool, but was forced to so I could get the painting done. Our one son put in about 70 hours a week, so wouldn't not ask him, and other son inherited hubby's painting splattering gene, so didn't ask him--and he fussed at me for getting on ladder. Still hae 2 beedrooms and 1 bathroom to go, but that is not going to happen for a couple of monhts.

    In two weeks I go have cataract surgery on left eye. My right is not good but cataract was removed a year ago. Is scarring so it prevents me reading, but I can see a "whole picture" and the leaves on trees are clear, sky is blue, etc, where with left eye, it is like looking thu wax paper or wadded up plastic wrap.

    Not to get to my story. Lat Tuesday we had our 3 month lab work draw scheduled at 7:30 in the next town (5 miles) and then I had to be at the eye doctor over in Corpus (about 20 miles) at (;30. Can't eat before blood draw and we figured we would have plenty of time to eat breakfast at IHOP or Denny's there in Portland. BUT there was a back up of folks at the lab and it was 8:30 before we got out. Not time to eat and drive the 20 miles to the eye doctor, so we went straight there.

    I got called to the back pretty fast and I thought "boy, I am getting out of here soon and we will go to Golden Corral just down the street and eat breakfast. Ha Ha, the joke was on me. Just did some paper work and signing and getting the special sunglasses for after the surgery, and then to waiting room that had something like 8 folks in it. I said about our dog was probably pouting because he didn't gt his morning walk and the couple acorss from me asked what kind of dog and I told them Sir Moose was a Great Pyrenees....and their faces lit up!

    Said they lot one of their Pyrs on Thanksgiving, but still had one, Lily. Said they ahd had several. Their first pair, years ago, one was a badger and one was plain white. Asked if I had seen a badger and I told them Sir Moose was one. Well, naturally we started talking Pyrs and soon those sitting there texting stopped to listen to us. The guy said that so many folks think Pyrs are dumb because they don't jump thru hoops and roll over and play dead, etfc. He said something like "They are thinking dogs, they were bred to be thinking and i9ndependent dogs. They are probably thinking ' What is wrong with this human. I am here to watch and make sure all is well, not play tricks like a little pooch;" He was so funny. Shye was talking about how their Prys had always jerked their feet away when they had to examine them for burrs, or trim nails. I said Sir Moose is like that, but if I tell him. "Ho, big boy" he stops pulling his foot. Also they have had some that loved to swim and get in water--like their one now, and others that did everything they could not to get wet. That is Sir Moose. Anyway, we talked for, would you believe, 1 1/2 hours before I was called back to get exam. The guy and I both had 9:30 appointments, as did one other woman in thee, and we are both having our surgery on the 14th. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30and he has to be three at 7:00.

    But it was great getting to spend all that time talking with them about our Pyrs and it seems the other folks were really interested in learning about them. Sir Moose in his much loved spot outside---the cool sand under the cedar tree. He digs pits, we fill them in, he digs again, we fill in again. Neve enduing cycle.Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey, totally amazed to hear your story. speaking of surgery, I just went under Lasik eye surgery, and it was horrible. Last one month was horrible for me, I just laid on the bed for one month straight. No TV, mobile nothing but it was worth it. Now I have a crystal clear vision and I ordered a new pair of sunglasses from wholesale sunglasses shop online. I am very excited and thrilled. Went for shopping with my doggo, got a sunglass for him also, hahaha.

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