Kit is spayed but that didn't slow her shedding down too much in the florida summer. I have done several things:
1. Furminator deshedding shampoo
2. daily brushing and using the double rake
3. baths every four weeks
4. grain free and raw diet.
5. Shed defender dog leotard (only sometimes when it is really bad) but yes she will shed right throught that.

My previous Maremma would stop shedding after I brush her continuously for an hour. Kit will still keep shedding. I was wondering if there is some kind of secret that I dont know about. I've been to people who have goldens or GSD and they can usually control the shedding with bathing and frequent grooming. I've searched amazon reviews and my experience isn't the standard. Am I missing somthing? Perhaps my expectations are misplaced and the shedding never stops?

Kit sheded a new dog yesterday! haha!
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