When we first got Max, we were happy to see that he'd just as soon go outdoors to relieve himself. We hoped that would make potty training easy. But we struggled to make that jump to preferring NOT to go indoors. He seemed to feel that an out of the way spot indoors should work just as well if he got an urge. Our puppy class instructor suggested a bell on the door, and he finally learned to ring it himself yesterday! Now that he has a way to ask to go out, he seems to prefer outside a bit more. Perhaps we have light at the end of the tunnel!

One issue that may have slowed us down is that we have some red dog pillows/beds around the house, and Max seems to think these are equally good for a nap or to pee on. He would seek them out for accidents. We have picked them all up for now.

Another issue is that it would be easier to potty train on leash. But Max has never in his life pooped while on leash and rarely pees while on leash. He will hold it if at all possible. He seems relaxed and happy on leash, and he loves to go on adventures and to training classes that are all on leash, but he needs a trip to his own fenced yard after an outing, because he will hold it.