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    Post Dog food choices for our Pyrenees Golden Retriever mix

    Our boy Rondo is going on 9 years old and we have been feeding him grain free blue buffalo chicken or salmon flavor.

    Our previous vet recommended Hills Science brand due to her finding a bug in her dog food twice.

    Also, while shopping in Pet Smart a rep suggested Natural Balance.

    He is about 90lbs, gets walked every couple of days (sometimes a jog), and has no health joint etc problems and eats his food fine and quickly lol.

    We are hoping to get some insight on weather to just stay with blue buffalo since he doesn’t have any adverse reactions or if anyone has good points for switching.
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    Welcome AKindig & Rondo...and may I say he's a very handsome gentleman!

    If he's happy & doing well, and you feel good about the food...stay with what works....
    at this point in his life, even tho he doesn't have any joint issues, I would still start him on a joint supplement.

    I give Rudy Cosequin DS, that I buy from Costco online. He is going to be 6, no health or joint issues...just planning for the future.

    If you do start a joint supplement for Rondo, make sure that you give it to him with fish oil..again, I use the salmon oil from Costco online. A couple of squirts on his food in the AM & can always start with a small amount of oil, just to see how Rondo reacts to the oil

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    I am like Nancy, if your boy is doing fine on BB, there is really no reason to have to switch other than if you just want to use a variety just to make sure you are covering all possible nutritional basis. There are a number of dogs that do not do well on BB for whatever reason and so there may be people recommending switch because of that.

    I do rotate kibbles for my dog. It's just something I chose to do. The brands I use in my rotation, all grainfree, include Orijen, Acana, Wellness Core, Merrick, Stella & Chewy. My previous pair didn't care which brand I gave them, but my current teenager clearly prefers Merrick over all others.

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