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    Exclamation Great Pyr/GSD Mix Mouthing

    We recently rescued an adorable Great Pyr/GSD mix and he's about a year to a year and a half old. We don't know a lot about his past, but we have gathered he was most likely abused as he tends to cower if we raise our voice, flinch if we go to pet him after he's been scolded, and he also displays a lot of anxiety and is a little predisposed to aggressive barking and growling at people who may look like whoever his past owner was.

    All that being said... he's been displaying a behavior we desperately want to correct to make sure it doesn't evolve into something dangerous. He tends to put our hands and arms in his mouth, especially when he's feeling playful and/or if we're petting him when he wants to be playing, and while he doesn't bite down when he does this, it is kind of scary and is REALLY scary when he does it to other people he meets (both friends of ours and strangers).

    This all kind of came to a head earlier in the week when he was being pet by a neighbor, turned and put her arm in his mouth and she reacted by jerking it away which scared him and caused him to scratch her arm with his teeth... it was a whole scary thing that we are grateful didn't end badly.

    Any advice for how to train out the mouthing? It seems to be harmless but he's about 95lbs and that kind of behavior is scary, especially if you've never met the dog before, and we just don't want to have a dog that mouths people.

    Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated!!!!!

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    I've got a very mouthy 9 month old pup right now. She doesn't mean any harm but like your boy, an almost 90 lbs pup that puts its teeth on you is scary for some people. We're working hard on the command "kisses" which means licking only. She is getting the hang of this but still has her moments when she gets over excited and forgets and starts nibbling. "Kisses" was trained by smearing something yummy on my hand and letting her lick it off while giving the command. I used both peanut butter and soft goat cheese, both a very tasty treat for her.

    It might help to warn people that he tends to be mouthy so they can decide if they want to interact with him or not. That way they will not be surprised if it happens when they are petting him and won't react in a way that will make things worse as in the incident with your neighbor. I'd do a lot of work at home with this boy and with friends/family before taking him out in public where he may get himself into a situation that will be misinterpreted. Sounds like he is just untrained and lacking in impulse control. If you can teach him an alternate behavior and not allow petting unless he is acting appropriately, you will help him understand what is acceptable behavior. Sounds like he is still very much in puppy mode and needs someone to help him understand how to act. Good luck with your boy!

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