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    yes, some dogs just want to be near their people, and not confined...and some dogs are trustworthy at a very early age.

    I had a female that did not need to be crated...however she was an anxious mess, so that transitioned into not wanting to go too far from what she considered her safe zone.

    Rudy...needed a crate....he was a handful!!! He would steal things (like if I was folding laundry) and take them to another part of the house to chew them up....and he did this so quickly...sneaky guy!

    let us know how the crate works out....try to get him used to it gradually & with plenty of special treats!

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    My son sent me a picture of Max in his sisterís crate with her this morning. She went in and he just followed because he LOVES her. And he will cheerfully eat in the extra crate we have in our room. I am hoping we can easily move to him accepting confinement and just leave it open at night. After dinner, he is ready to snooze and even when he wakes early, he will just chew a toy on his bed and wait for me to get up.

    I was so ready for the independence and hard headedness of the breed, which he has, but I have been pleasantly surprised at just how laid back and easy going a puppy can be. My aussies have all been type A worriers with a need to stay busy. Max says he IS busy, heís quietly protecting us from the comfort of his dog pillow. And heís 100% successful, there have been no coyote attacks in the living room since we got him 😉.

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