I have always had standard poodles and lab mixes. We got a great pyranese by chance to help my husband recover from several surgeries, for an emotional boost. We've never had a "herding" breed before. The breeders were very helpful and educated us. Our Lady has been a joy, the label of gentle giant is right on. I raise free range chickens. However, due to the preditors, ALL animals are locked in at night. Lady "knew" that the chickens should stay in the front yard, lol. If she saw them venture into the arena pasture, she would casually go round them up and drive them back. I didn't mind the chickens going there and I didn't mind Lady bringing them back, she seemed to enjoy that task. We had a deer die across our road and attrack the turkey vultures. Lady spotted those "chickens" and decided that they needed to come back to the yard. So, off she walked up the driveway only to have those "chickens" fly up into the trees. She stood there looking at them for a couple of mins and you could see the thought process: those chickens fly, the other chickens don't fly, how do I deal with these chickens? I brought her back to the front yard. She tried again to herd those naughty "chickens" with no success, two more times. I put her in the house with hubby, I didn't want her feeling defeated. I was amazed at the intelligent observations. We got a good chuckle over the events, love this breed.