Greetings, thought I would share our learning process with our female great pyrenees who is 3 1/2 yrs. We recently took her, Lady on a road trip with our 8 1/2 yr old male standard poodle, Data. We're older folk and have always had lab mixes and or standard poodles. We have always traveled with our buddies. I packed plenty of water, food and treats. I really got worries on day 3 when they both really hadn't eaten and Lady hadn't pooped!!! Then Lady decided to pee in the hotel room and I saw blood in the urine! I freaked and called our vet, they said take her in. I located a vet in the state that we were visiting and took her in. $700 later, it appeared that it was all due to the stress of traveling. They gave us antibiotics, just in case....probiotics, special canned food. They had done blood tests, urine tests and xrays. All turned out normal. On day 4 she was almost back to normal. We ended up cutting the visit short so we here home on day 5. She normal and fine, whew! I'll be giving the local vet all her results, just in case. The whole ordeal was very concerning, then I had people telling me that you shouldn't take prys on trips! She did have fun, but I think we should have started with short overnight trips 1st. Even us old timers can still learn. I have more funny stories about our learning curve with a pyr, but I'll save those for later. Hope this helps someone planning to travel!